Our next meeting will be in Sept.

Rev C.L. Byrant was the guest speaker at our April meeting of the Southlake 912 Project Meeting. He was incredible. His whole purpose was to empower us to be effective in sharing our conservative values to those who are not listening to what is happening to America. A key element of empowerment is to become educated on the Constitution and our rights as Americans.

When processed we will provide the video of his speech for your viewing.


Recognizing the Positives

   I, for one, am proud of what your local 912 Project has accomplished over several years of bringing issues and answers to you, the concerned citizens/voters of South Lake County. We distrust the media's motives and accuracy so we bring the actual players and experts into our sphere of influence to offer you/us a more realistic view of the events that shape our daily lives and our futures. We search for truth and honesty in local, state, and federal activity to guide our actions going forward. This is no small task and much time, effort and caring is put into it.

   We attend and document the City Council, School Board, and Lake County Commission meetings so we know what is happening in those areas.

   We have established relationships with local, state and federal officials that help us stay abreast of events in those arenas.

   We have held numerous forums for local, state, and federal candidates for office to face you, the voter, in person to plead their case for election/reelection and answer your questions and concerns.

   We are in constant contact with, and often jointly active with, other conservative action groups to bring about positive change in our destinies. We do all of this for ourselves, our children/grandchildren and for you, dear reader, as well. We believe that the educated voter/citizen is our most effective weapon against the forces that mean us harm.

   Do we always "get it right?" No, of course not, no one here will claim that we do. Do we always try? You bet, and we will continue trying, it's simply too important not to.

   I applaud the accomplishments and  express my gratitude to those responsible for them!

Are you prepared for yet another tax increase? Our government's insatiable appetite for confiscating more of your money rears its ugly head once again. 
   We have asked Ms. Karen Jaroch from the Heritage Action Group to address our members on February 19th and bring us up to speed as to where we are and where we are going on this subject. This will affect EVERYONE, not just a few. This will cost us allBIG TIME and will never go away. 
   And speaking of Federal Government Overreach, what's in store concerning our children's/grand children's education? To gain some insight we need to review recent history. Ms. Jaroch will also be our guide here, leading us up to (groan) Common Core.  
   These topics should be of interest to every concerned citizen. If you agree, please join us and become "up to date" on these important issues. This knowledge will be well worth the 90 minute investment required. 

The flag to the right of this is an American Flag which has been flown over the Capital in Washington D.C. It was folded and stored in its case by Representative Daniel Webster. He donated the flag to our group so we can raffle it to support the Southlake 912. The tickets are $1 each or 7 tickets for $5. The flag is available at our monthly meetings. Please buy a ticket and support your 912 Project.

OH NO, THE HOUSE IS TRASHED! WHAT A MESS! I guess we should be thankful that no one was hurt, BUT WHAT IF we had been here when it was broken into? I shudder to think what danger we could have been in. With today's violence levels, who knows the result? Now what do we do?
   Does this scenario give you heartburn? Are you sure of your own safety and security at home? I can tell you from first hand experience that a break in such as this is a gut wrenching and traumatic event. You don't want to gain the knowledge via experience! So, if you are not TOTALLY sure where you and your family's safety level is, we can help!Let's ask an expert!
   On January 15th your South Lake 912 Project will host a meeting with Clermont Police Chief, Charles Broadway, giving a presentation on Home and Personal Protection. This is a subject that we can ALL learn more about no matter how safe we may think we are.
   Additionally, we will hold a session where we ask for your input as to what issues you would most like us to address in future meetings. We are in the midst of developing our 2015 programs. What's on your mind? What would help you the most? If you will come and add voice to your thoughts, we will listen!

   Can we ever do enough to ease the burden that some of our neighbors endure on a daily basis? Probably not. However, we here at the Project believe that helping feed localfamilies that are down on there luck is a good way to begin. At each meeting we ask that attendees bring in a non-perishable food item that will find their way to these folks' tables and at least lessen that particular shortfall in their lives. Thank you and see you on the 15th!!!

Join the South Lake 912 Project for an all City of Clermont informational evening on October 9 at 7:00 PM at the Clermont City Center. 


 Want to know what's going on in the City of Clermont?  Did you know that the city's Mayor of 16 years, Mayor Harold Turville, is retiring?  Did you know that former City Council Member Gail Ash and current City Council Member Rick VanWagner are vying for the Mayoral seat that's up for grabs in November's election?  Do you know what role the Mayor plays on the City Council?  Do you know who these candidates are or do you know anything about them?   The South Lake 912 Project will give the South Lake community an opportunity to answer all of these questions and let you ask some of your own questions, when they host a Mayoral Candidate Forum on October 9, 2014, at the Clermont City Center at 7:00 PM.


Ever hear of Lake Hiawatha Preserve, a passive park?  Do you know where it is?  Did you know that Clermont is building a Boathouse for Sculling Boats on the west side of Lake Minneola?  Do you even know what a Sculling Boat is?  How about the recent purchase of the Clermont Arts and Recreation Center, do you know what's happening there?  When will your children or grandchildren be able to splash on the city's lakeside splash pad?  The October 9 South Lake 912 Project meeting will also include an update on these projects and more with a presentation by Dave Teske, Director of Parks and Recreation and Doris Bloodsworth,  Public information Officer.

Do you know the real story about ISIL. 

This 100-year-old agreement tells you everything you need to know about the ISIL end game
It’s the struggle of all struggles, the ultimate quagmire, an abyss of hate and death. Palestinians and Israelis, will it ever end? The answer can be found in one simple word, a word that will lead us to the end by taking us back to the beginning. On Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, he explored the only question that matters: Why? Watch highlights from the episode HERE.

The 7 National Crimes

  1. I don’t think
  2. I don’t know
  3. I don’t care
  4. I am too busy
  5. I leave well enough alone
  6. I have no time to read and find out
  7. I am not interested.

Think about these. How many do we do everyday and think nothing of it. Maybe we need to wake up and realize what is happening around us.

In support of "Back to School is Cool" a wonderful program helping our kids in Lake County, a group of your Southlake 912 patriots delivered to all of the Southlake schools much needed supplies in support of the start of the 2013 School Year.